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Ahwatukee Luxury Homes by Subdivision

Black Rock CanyonFoothills$600,000$1,600,000YesNoNo
Cabrillo CanyonFoothills$475,000$700,000YesNoYes
CalabreaFoothills Reserve$750,000$1,300,000YesNoYes
Camelot CanyonFoothills$450,000$550,000NoNoNo
Canyon ReserveMountain Park Ranch$750,000$3,000,000YesNoYes
Canyon SpringsFoothills$400,000$600,000NoYesNo
Canyon VerdeFoothills Club West$600,000$900,000YesYesNo
Custom EstatesAhwatukee East$400,000$2,500,000NoNoYes
Diamond Ridge IMountain Park Ranch$450,000$600,000YesNoNo
Diamond Ridge IIMountain Park Ranch$450,000$700,000YesNoYes
Eagle RidgeFoothills$750,000$1,700,000YesNoNo
Equestrian EstatesAhwatukee East$400,000$1,200,000NoNoYes
Hidden CanyonFoothills$500,000$750,000YesNoYes
Montana VistaFoothills$450,000$600,000YesNoYes
Richmond HeightsFoothills$450,000$675,000NoNoYes
Shadow RockFoothills$450,000$650,000YesYesNo
SummitFoothills Reserve$500,000$750,000YesNoYes
SunriseFoothills Reserve$325,000$550,000YesNoYes
Tapestry CanyonFoothills$750,000$1,500,000YesNoYes
The SanctuaryFoothills$600,000$1,800,000YesNoNo
Whistling RockFoothills$550,000$850,000YesNoYes

What Makes an Ahwatukee Luxury Home Special?

What defines a luxury home? Is it simply size? Is it price? Do Ahwatukee luxury homes measure up to the rest of the luxury market in Phoenix? Is it the level of custom features and associated amenities? Is it all these factors and more? Or is it unique for each person?
Ahwatukee, Arizona is famous for its luxury homes, but there is no standard "luxury home" in Ahwatukee. Each luxury home in Ahwatukee is a unique creation – a blend of the architect’s overall vision, the stunning Arizona landscape and the needs of the individual homeowner – as well as a community amenity level that is hard to replicate elsewhere in Arizona.
No matter how large or opulent, a luxury home will never be a cookie-cutter creation. Luxury communities do not have a set of five approved plans from which to choose.
Like a great work of art, each luxury home in Ahwatukee is a one-of-a-kind creation and each community, like a great museum, is designed to display these creations in the absolute best light.
Whatever luxury means to you, I guarantee you can find it in Ahwatukee. Many celebrities and athletes call Ahwatukee home.

Why Ahwatukee is the Ideal Location for Luxury Homes

What is important to you as a luxury home buyer? Safety? Security? Natural beauty? A fantastic home? Great schools? Abundant amenities? Convenience to Phoenix and the airport?
In Ahwatukee, you find all these things and more in abundance.
There is a reason there are so many luxury communities and homes in Ahwatukee, AZ: It is the ideal luxury community.

The Natural Beauty, Quiet, and Convenient

Set against the quiet backdrop of South Mountain, Ahwatukee embraces the natural beauty of the desert with lots of palm trees, and small lakes making it a beautiful oasis. Part of Ahwatukee's peacefulness is created with the mountain to the north and vacant tribal ground to the south and west. Ahwatukee still is only 10-20 minutes from the airport and 15-30 to downtown Phoenix. So you can get the small town atmosphere while still being close to all the amenities you would ever need – something other Phoenix villages cannot offer.

An Immeasurably Beautiful Setting

An integral part of a luxury home is its location and the views it commands. In cities like Miami and New York, a prime location is one above or isolated from the roar of the city, like a penthouse condo in Manhattan. In Ahwatukee, there’s no need to live in a high rise; each luxury home is surrounded by the natural beauty of the nearby mountain and desert or the man made beauty of one of the three golf courses within the community.
Depending on what community you choose to live in or where in Ahwatukee you choose to build your home, your views will vary, but whether your back patio features a magnificent mountain, desert or golf course view, it is will be an ideal place to take your morning coffee or afternoon cocktail.

Diversity of Luxury Homes in Ahwatukee

The topography of Ahwatukee is remarkable diverse given the size of the village. That level of diversity allows Ahwatukee luxury homes to cover a wide range of styles and sizes from traditional southwestern and Mediterranean ranches to beautiful contemporary homes that blend seamlessly into the desert landscape. Sizes range from 3,000 square feet to in excess of 9,000 square feet. Lot sizes can be as small as a half-acre to multi acre estates. The style and size of home, as well as the typical lot size, is largely dependent on the neighborhood in which you choose to live.

Mountain Communities

Homes in mountain communities often feature expansive lots. Homeowners here prize their privacy above all else, and homes in these areas often feature extensively landscaped lots that take advantage of the natural flora in order to create true oasis. Of course, homes in these neighborhoods are positioned to take advantage of the sweeping mountain vistas that surround them and the communities provide convenient access points to the extensive network of hiking and walking trails that traverse the landscape.

Golf Communities

Golf course lots often sacrifice acreage in favor of convenience and meticulously manicured and maintained communities. For many, a spot right next to their favorite fairway or green is more important than a large lot. While golf course lots are typically smaller than mountain or equestrian estates, that does not mean that homeowners in these neighborhoods sacrifice privacy and natural beauty. These communities have both in abundance.

Horse Communities

One of the benefits of owning a luxury home in Ahwatukee is that you have an opportunity to keep your horses at stables inside your neighborhood. Horse communities such as Equestrian Estates offer world-class facilities for horse owners as well as easy access to the extensive network of trails in nearby South Mountain Park.

In Conclusion

Regardless of the type of luxury home you favor, you can find it in Ahwatukee, AZ. The homes here feature only the best architecture, construction, features and amenities. They truly must be seen to be believed.

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